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Has your vision become blurry? Do you find yourself squinting in bright lights or at oncoming headlights? These are just some of the warning signs that you may have cataracts.

Rely on the compassionate doctors at Doctors Park Eye Clinic for a proper diagnosis. We’ll provide you with the high-quality work and attention to detail for your cataract treatment and surgery needs.

Dilation Procedures:

  • Exam of cornea
  • Retinal exam
  • Stage set exam is done first to determine the severity of the cataract
  • Assess the situation with each eye individually

Quality Vision Treatments:

  • Eye Protection like sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Smoking should stop immediately
  • Brighter lights should be used for reading as well as magnifying glasses if needed
  • Stay up to date on the level of optical and contact prescriptions
  • Surgery
Quality Vision Treatments

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